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"Mosquito control ain't what it used to be." - The Stratford Star

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Bill Reynolds
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Mr. Jeff Ritz
Mosquito Control Office
Environmental Conservation District
City of Stratford, CT

I am the Mosquito Control Officer for the Town of Stratford, CT (Pop. 49,389). The town is located along the Housatonic River and Long Island Sound. There are a great many salt water marshes within our borders.

This Spring our Town Manager asked us to investigate a newly patented product, Mosquito Barrier. The manufacturer sent us a gallon for testing. I was shocked at its effectiveness. After spraying it, our town employees at the Water Control Plant are now able to work outdoors in T-shirts. Spectators can watch our local softball team and not have to fend off mosquitoes with cans of Raid or use Off. Children at Sterling House Daycare Center do not complain about mosquito bites. I used to receive from 5-7 calls a day from residents complaining of mosquitoes, now my calls are down to none or one a day. I feel like the Maytag repairman. We are able to get these results without the introduction of any chemicals into the environment. Needless to say we are expanding our use of Mosquito Barrier in our town.

Jeff Ritz, Mosquito Control Officer
City of Stratford, CT


From City of Guilford, Connecticut

"We have been using your garlic product as part of our municipal mosquito control program. Although the product works remarkably well for backyard mosquito control, our pesticide contractor is uncertain it can be formulated and applied effectively with a commercial truck mounted ultra fine mist applicator unit. Do you have any advice on this matter or could you refer us to a source that may assist us with setting up a road side application of the liquid garlic spray?"


Dennis Johnson, Director of Health
Guilford Health Department
50 Boston Street
Guilford, CT 06437


Ron Holt
City Administrator
City of Marlow, Oklahoma

"I wanted to let you know how your product Mosquito Barrier performed for us this past summer. As you know, weather conditions were such that in late summer we had quite a mosquito problem. Our annual "Outlaw Festival" comes during this time and our city park needed to be fogged for mosquitoes. We sprayed the park with Mosquito Barrier and it worked! We are happy with the results and look forward to using your product again next year. (We used a Dyna Fog 500 portable on the bed of a pick up, sprayed between 5-6pm and did it again the next day between 7-7:30am and had no mosquitoes)"


Maggie Stoecklein Parks Supervisor Round Rock, Texas

Dear Mosquito Barrier,

"Thank you for filling my recent order for the Garlic Barrier*. We have had great success with this product in treating mosquitoes. We have ball fields that are close to creeks and the Garlic Barrier keeps the mosquitoes in check."

Thanks Again,

Maggie Stoecklein
Parks Supervisor

*Editor's note: See Garlic Barrier, a companion product to Mosquito Barrier at:


"We have used personally at our residence for three years. We would like to distribute from our store. We serve a variety of customers from small residences to horse farms and everyone is having great difficulty finding this product. We recommend to every customer looking for an all natural product and rave about how it works. Our whole neighborhood does it now because of the success they saw with us.

We want to carry on our store shelves. Please advise how we may start that process."

Laurie Surprenant
Leaps & Bones LLC
South Windsor, CT


"Wow!! This product is a miracle. I live in Bay St. Louis, and since Hurricane Katrina my family has been practically eaten alive by mosquitoes and infested with sand fleas. My father found your product while surfing the web and we partnered in the purchase. After the first application the pests were none existent. My property has a natural ditch that is clogged with debris and fallen trees. You could see all the mosquito larvae in the standing water that is until I sprayed your product. I work at the local casino and have pitched your product to be used on our golf course and surrounding property. I will let you know how it goes.

Thanks so much for this product. I am a believer."

Gus Aime
Director of Security,
Hollywood Casino
Bay St. Louis, MS


Ron Couch
Fruit Gardener magazine

Dear William,

"I apologize for having taken so long to publish any information about Mosquito Barrier. Perhaps the main reason for the delay is that I got in a bind by asking to try the product. That obligation didn't mesh well with weather and other obstacles that prevented me from testing systematically. Nevertheless, I did use it, and it certainly does work. I mixed it according to the directions you furnished, although I added Canola oil one time and wasn't sure of the results. Our little creek out front is an ephemeral stream, but it gets flushed out frequently enough that standing water isn't too much of a problem there for lengthy periods. In all other areas, the product was effective after adding only the non-detergent soap you recommend. Adult skeeters definitely don't like Mosquito Barrier, and it does provide relief. And I think it also might be working against wigglers in the creek, without using oil.

I have attached a PDF file of pages from our May & June issue that contains information about Mosquito Barrier and a picture of the product. Thank you for your patience and for giving me the opportunity to try Mosquito Barrier."

Ron Couch
Fruit Gardener magazine

California Rare Fruit Growers, Inc.
On the Web:

To read or download the entire Fruit Gardener article, click here.


Poinsett County Agricultural Fair Association
Harrisburg, Arkansas 72432

To Whom It May Concern:

"The Poinsett County Fair Association employed H & H Mosquito Control to spray our fairgrounds during the week of the fair which began on August 16th to help control mosquitoes. They began spraying August 14th and continued through August 20th.

I'm happy to say there were no pests on the mid-way or any other area that they sprayed. We were very pleased with the results in this mixture they used and hope we can continue to do this every year from now on. I personally want to thank both of you for the good job."


Lorene Edwards
Poinsett County Fair Association


"I sought out a natural solution to mosquitoes several years ago when I became determined to find something that would be safe to spray around our 15 acres with our horses and dogs. Mosquitoes were so bad in our back pasture that they would literally eat you alive during the day not to mention evenings. We have found that when we spray yearly we never see any mosquitoes or ticks after spraying once early in the season as long as it's a relatively dry season. In rainier seasons we do have to reapply. We also notice that our ant population is greatly reduced which is awesome! Mosquito Barrier is such a fantastic solution to chemicals on our property and does such an excellent job that I tell everyone I know every spring to get some! I'm SO glad I found this product!"

Debi Lane, Realtor
McMillan Real Estate


Di Maggio's on the Bay
Brewer Capri Marina
Port Washington, New York

"Mosquito Barrier has done more than we could have ever hope for. Our Di Maggio's on the Bay water front restaurant at the Brewer Capri Marina in Port Washington has a 3000 square foot dining deck that is built over Manhasset Bay. Before Mosquito Barrier our outdoor diners would be plagued with all sorts of annoying biting insects. These insects lived under the deck along the water line. They came up to the dining deck via the spaces between the decking. As a result, customers would skip desert and coffee. After we applied one application of Mosquito Barrier our outdoor deck became the most sought after seating for our restaurant. Diners now enjoy a fine leisurely meal over looking the Manhasset Bay, complete with desert and coffee without being pestered by bothersome biting insect.

The garlic scent, though strong while in its container as concentrated, dissipates away in about fifteen minutes after application. Although the manufacture recommends application every thirty- (30) days, we apply it about twenty- (20) days. We attribute this to the constant washing of the outdoor deck, furniture and the like. In so much as we are on the water, the fact that this product is one hundred (100%) organic is a bonus. We are happy to inform our customers that the biting insect population can be eradicated with an application of an organic product such as your Mosquito Barrier.

And lastly Kevin, we would certainly intend to purchase Mosquito Barrier again."

Thank you,

Eddy & Angelo, Owners
Di Maggio's on the Bay


"I wanted to inquire about getting dealer pricing on your product. I have used it in the past on a small scale along with other products and yours seems to give the best mix of effectiveness / safety around young children and pets.

I own a lawn care company along with my wife. Please let me know what we need to do to qualify and we will be happy to get the process started. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Best regards,"

Shawn Millette
NH Naturals Lawncare LLC



We purchased your product at a retail store and have been using it with great success, and would like to offer it to our customers. Could we set up and account so we can purchase the product wholesale?"

Scott Gilliam,
Morning Dew Organics


"I have a lawn care company and have been using Mosquito Barrier for about 4 years. My customers don't see mosquitoes after I spray, but my formula is a bit different from yours and here it is: For every 50 gallons of water, I add one gallon Mosquito Barrier and one gallon of Soybean Oil and one quart of rubbing alcohol that I get from Walmart. I love the results."


Houston, Texas


Class A Professional Baseball Team
Greenville Bluesmen
Greenville, Mississippi

"...We have had a terrible problem with large numbers of hungry mosquitoes biting our fans and players. This was reducing our attendance and we don't like stay away because of the mosquitoes. We just started using your garlic product and it is amazingly effective and we look forward to using your product all of next season and increasing the attendance and comfort of our devoted fans."


Arthur O'Bright
Executive Vice President
Greenville Bluesmen Professional Baseball Team


Laurence M. Murphy
Purchasing Agent
Rockingham Park "New England's First and Finest Track"
Horse Race Track
Salem, New Hampshire

"My name is Laurence Murphy, Purchasing Agent for Rockingham Park in Salem, New Hampshire. I was trying to locate a mosquito spray that could be used around humans and livestock. I was very unsuccessful. I was informed of a product called Mosquito Barrier and I purchased a small amount which I used for our thoroughbred racing season (from June thru October). Rockingham Park has a pond located in its infield of still water and 7/8th of a mile turf track which is watered daily and a mile dirt track which is also watered daily. We sprayed the garlic product and I can honestly say that we at Rockingham Park had no mosquito problem at all last season."


Cynda Williams
The Clover Path Garden
Acushnet, Massachusetts

"I just love Garlic Barrier! I use it to control Winter moth and gypsy moth caterpillars, as a mosquito control in and outside my poultry houses. I would like to let you know it also works to deter hornet and wasps from building nests on the housing where I spray. Since I started spraying Garlic Barrier (the gallon jug) under the eaves of the poultry houses, I have NO HORNETS or WASP nests!!! I love it because I smell like garlic! Thank you for making such a great, diverse product that is safe to use around people and animals!"


Steve Naylor
Blue Moon Farm
Lafayette, Tennessee

"...the real excitement of using Mosquito Barrier came from the use of it around the back patio. We enjoy sitting on the patio late in the evening but couldn't because of the mosquitoes. Now we can sit out there and do and love it."


Jerry Taylor, Badlands
White River KOA (Kampgrounds of America)
Interior, South Dakota

"After having applied several gallons of Mosquito Barrier to our 31 acre campground, I am pleased to report excellent results on our previously voracious mosquito population. All we have to do to verify that the mosquitoes are indeed still in season is to walk along the White River, which is adjacent to our property, and therefore not sprayed. They are still there, and in droves, while being virtually eliminated here."


Manager - Beacon Point Food
Stratford, Connecticut

"We rent our location from the Town of Stratford here at Beacon Point along the Housatonic River where it meets Long Island Sound. We have a beautiful view of the river but we abut salt marshes. Our customers come to our restaurant for our good food and a good view of the boats in the river.

Several weeks ago when we opened there were millions, no billions, of mosquitoes at our site. Customers would buy their food and then run into their cars to eat it.

Three weeks ago the Town sent the Mosquito Control officer to spray our area. He told me he was using something new, called Mosquito Barrier. I was concerned about spraying any chemicals on our site but he assured me that Mosquito Barrier only contained garlic juice. I smiled and he sprayed.

Since that initial spraying he has come back to do it again. I can now say that we have a few mosquitoes, very few. Our customers are happy and they enjoy our food under our tent. I am very satisfied with the efforts of the Town of Stratford in controlling mosquitoes without the use of chemicals. My customers also appreciate this fact."


Billie Mils
Dirty Bird, Inc. (Crop Dusters)
Grady, Arkansas

"We have an annual Lions Club Fish Fry here in Grady and consume about 1800 to 2,000 lbs. of catfish, plus all the hush puppies and cold slaw and watermelon a person can eat. The event takes place in a pecan grove about 2 miles from our landing strip. It's held the 3rd Thursday in August. My duty is try to eradicate mosquitoes who love to feast on us as we feast on the fish. We have sprayed almost everything but nothing works.

One day I read about your Mosquito garlic juice and decided what the heck! We sprayed 12 hours before D day. The next day I asked about the "skeet" problem and all said they did not remember. Wow!"


Steve Perry
Champion Agriculture
Parma, Idaho

"...I decided to give Mosquito Barrier a try. I was in the front yard with my family when I decided I had swatted enough mosquitoes and mixed up just a pint and sprayed it around the yard. I began at one end of the yard and by the time I reached the other end there was no sign of residual smell or insects. I never did have a problem with them after that. Love it."


"After paying $650.00 to have a commercial application for mosquito protection in 2015 (which worked incidentally) my wife found Mosquito Barrier on the internet. Having been eaten alive in our 3/4 acre Georgia yard in the past, I was skeptical of the Mosquito Barrier claims, however we decided to give it a try. I cannot be more impressed, I bought a 4 gallon back pack sprayer and applied as directed. We have yet to be bitten by skeeters in 2016. Thanks for a product that works as claimed."


Edward J. "Jerry" Willis
CrossWind Expeditions, Fly Fishing The Americas


Warren Templin
Recreation Specialist
Matanuska-Susitna Borough, Alaska

"Last summer we experienced the largest population explosion of mosquitoes that I can remember. We sprayed the Mosquito Barrier over several acres and it lasted us for 2 months which was great. I used it primarily on turf areas and plan to use it next year on campsites."


"This is my 8th year of using Mosquito Barrier. I always buy ONLY through the factory, you guys. I do that because I know positively that it is FACTORY FRESH. Never failed me yet. Good stuff."

C. G.
Montgomery, Alabama


"Our daughter got married 2 years ago close to a river outside, so I was searching for a natural product to use to spray the area and found this product from American Seed Company in Spring Grove, PA. They were kind enough to send it to me. Best purchase ever. I have been using it at my house ever since then. Love the product! Thank you."



"...I was so impressed with the success of your product that I contacted the Health Commissioner of Syracuse, Onodaga County."

"...I also wrote a letter to the editor of the Syracuse Post Standard (enclosed a copy) printed in the Sunday's paper..."

Yours truly,

Joseph Siracusa
Skaneateles, New York


"I would like to order 1 (one) quart of Mosquito Barrier. I have enclosed a check for $29.95 as instructed on your live site. I have used this for the last 2 years and it is great! Thanks."

See actual letter here.

Sharon Williams
Edgarton, Missouri


"I live on Lake Hartwell in South Carolina and mosquitoes have been a terrible problem for us. We couldn't even walk out to our cars without getting eaten alive. I am a raised bed and container organic gardener and going out even for a few minutes to the garden required a lengthy ritual of insect repellent application. I am especially careful of any lawn or garden products I use since all rainwater runs off into the lake, but have used Mosquito Barrier for three years and it's a fantastic product. If I carefully spray our entire lot, under the deck, eaves, etc. as instructed early in the season, before the mosquitoes arrive, it lasts six weeks. I mean, not ONE bug! I also add a few drops of equal parts garlic solution and canola oil (and enough dish soap to make it mix) to the standing water in my self-watering containers and it prevents mosquito larvae. This has truly changed my life. Thank you so much!"

Donna Millar Potts MD, FACP
Townville, SC


"We are in the process of building now and would like to end up being a distributor of your product. We are basing all products that we handle on safe and natural. We bought a gallon last year to test and I LOVE it. It is the first of this type of product that really works and I can walk at night to the pond and the back yard/woods without a bite.

Back to the reason for this email. I would like to get started with your product but do not technically qualify. Do I just order a couple of cases to get people thinking and we see how much I can move that way or do you have a better suggestion?


John Troiano
Crestline, OH


"Thank YOU for your great product! With only one application, we can now enjoy being outside during the summer without being eaten alive!!!!!! I am so grateful. Wish I had found your product years ago. I will definitely be back for more."

Barbara Seymour
Woodbridge, VA


"I bought the Mosquito Barrier for my daughter and son in law; they live in Southern Maryland and have an eleven month old daughter. The child has had several ticks already and we feared she'd nee to stay inside this summer. I definitely didn't want the harsh chemicals and started searching on line. I found the Mosquito Barrier and sent it to them. One good application and then they went back and reapplied to the heavy areas. Certainly the neighborhood smelled of garlic and everyone felt they were really cooking something good. I couldn't believe the results: ticks, mosquitoes, flies, gnats... all gone. We can sit on the porch and don't see the bugs flying in the air. I couldn't be more pleased with this product. Well worth every penny and I will be a repeat customer."

The Stephensons
Shiloh, New Jersey


"Wanted to write and offer my testimonial. Contacted your company a few weeks ago with an application question and followed the given advice. (Apologize for not recalling the gentleman's name, we spoke on the phone) In our particular instance, I have installed an injector fertilizer applicator to the irrigation system, (residential) mainly for use as mosquito control. (fertilizing is a secondary priority) Having practiced organic landscape management for about 20 years, the consideration of installing a pesticide-spraying mosquito system was not an option. Purchased a gallon of MB about 2 years ago, but never got around to applying it because using a hose-end sprayer is challenging because of the way our property is laid out and landscaped.

Mixed the concentrate (immersion blender), then strained back into original bottle (straining instructions given by customer service). The inline injector is an EZ Flo branded in-ground unit, (smallest size, about 1/3 acre). Added about a quart MB to tank, then filled with water per EZF instructions.

Have made two applications: with the injector OFF (bypass valves are included with the EZ Flo, to allow for irrigation with just water); I run the system three cycles to deeply water overnight. The following evening, open the bypass and run each station for about six minutes to apply the MB product, then close the bypass valves until the next application is needed.

Due to our climate, (north central Texas, Fort Worth-Dallas area) I anticipate application about every five to six days, as the hot weather necessitates frequent watering. Heavily-shaded neighborhood means Asian tiger mosquitoes are a constant problem, and either I dress in long sleeves and pants all summer, or douse myself with repellent, and even then I still end up severely bitten.

Having used your product for only about a week, I can actually perform yard and gardening tasks in shorts and shirt-sleeves; the mosquitoes are now a manageable problem, I estimate perhaps 2% - 5% of the previous amount. We can now spend time on the patio without battling swarms of pests, and our three dogs are also not constantly surrounded by mosquitoes either.

The only regret I have at this point, is that I should have done this years ago! I highly recommend your Mosquito barrier, as well as application with an injector fertilizer for ease of use. Thank you for manufacturing a product that performs as promised, and is not harmful to the environment!

Please feel free to use this testimonial, and if anyone at your company has a question about application by injector method, contact me by the email address attached to this message. I will also be recommending your product line to our local independent hardware store.

Very Cordially yours,"

Arlington, Texas


"Received our order for Mosquito Barrier the beginning of the week and didn't know what to expect.

We bought a house in the country in the fall of last year so we didn't know how bad the mosquitoes were. Let me tell you, they come out in droves. Particularly in my flower garden. Eat you alive and could almost carry you away. Can't walk across the grass without kicking up all the mosquitoes.

We got all the equipment together and sprayed the yard on Wednesday. We had to leave and couldn't come back to the house until today (Friday) and I was amazed that I could actually sit in the yard and not be bothered. We also had rainstorm last night. My husband and I were able to sit under the tree and enjoy our yard.

Thank you so much for this wonderful product. It's a miracle."

Thanks again,

Ruth Goetz
Davison, Michigan


"We are big fans of Mosquito Barrier. We live in Georgia, so mosquitoes are an almost year round problem and our old house had a drainage ditch at the bottom of the back yard, making it mosquito central. My kids couldn't play in the yard without being covered in DEET. I hated that idea so I researched natural mosquito repellents and discovered Mosquito Barrier. We ordered some and it worked like a charm. My kids were able to use the backyard without getting bitten and soon both my neighbors wanted to know where they could get Mosquito Barrier. Now I tell everybody about it."


J. Rodriguez


"Oh my, it's working. 5 acres in the woods, I couldn't water flowers in flower box or walk in grass, and here in MI, West Nile is a serious threat. I added Dr. Bronners Peppermint Soap, as another website was suggesting that. I want to have stuff stick longer.... I haven't seen any biters since I sprayed! They were under the deck, on the patio, in the gardens, everywhere! I haven't done the back woods yet, to the tree house, but I'm going to... but I'm thrilled this is working! No more heavy deet every time we step out. And no more grown men doing weird dances as they chat in the driveway, well... I might miss that."

Margaret Heller



I just want to say that I don't write reviews, but I have to on this one. I found out about Mosquito Barrier by doing some research on the net. I decided to buy this over some others and I had read the reviews on Amazon. Our yard before was crazy. You could not even go outside and lock the door without being bit. We used to have fires in the yard or just sit on the patio and we would literally be covered in mosquitos and you could see them everywhere in the air. I made a commitment last year to handle this situation.

So I received the package and sprayed it out on a Thursday and the yard had a heavy garlic smell. I sprayed on the perimeter and the grassy areas where my family would be at. The next day the smell was in the air but not as heavy, and I walked into the yard and there was not a mosquito in sight. I was impressed, then on that Friday it rained half of the day and then it cleared up. Then that Saturday it was raining for 5 hours straight. We had a BBQ after the rain stopped and the sun came out. I walked into the yard to set up everything and was only bit once. So I sprayed some of the Mosquito Barrier along the barrier of the yard and the evening could not have been better. NO MOSQUITOS AT ALL!!! We were impressed and vow to get this stuff again and keep the yard sprayed every 3 weeks. We could sit outside in our shorts and tee shirts and not get bit to hell.

This product is the one to get. Garlic keeps mosquitoes and vampires away… BUY THIS PRODUCT. You will not be disappointed!!!"

Djmoetec Moseley


"Thank you for a fantastic product! Our daughter has a severe allergy to mosquitoes and thanks to all the moisture, the mosquito population is horrendous in rural Saskatchewan. I used Mosquito Barrier today and now she is outside enjoying the sunny day!"

Tracie Campbell Fuchs


"I'm using Mosquito Barrier for the second year... And MAN... is this stuff good. It is so good at getting rid of fleas and ticks that my Siberian Huskies have no fleas and ticks and I haven't had to put Frontline on them this entire season. Usually I start putting Frontline on them in March... But this year I started spraying with Mosquito Barrier in March instead... No fleas and ticks on my dogs still, and this is mid May!!!!!... Thank you Mosquito Barrier!!!"

Wanda Kidd


"I am totally thrilled and delighted with your product! After reading about it and even with the guarantee I had my doubts to the effectiveness. But today we used it for the first time and within 10 minutes all the bugs completely disappeared! I said the real test will be tonight because that's when the mosquitos come out in droves. I'm happy to report I just sat outside for at least half an hour and did not get bit once. What a pleasure it will be to enjoy evening dinners on the deck and not wake up in the middle of the night scratching like a maniac. I wish you guys made a spray I could wear for hiking, etc. This is the best investment I made all year. I only wish I hadn't waited so long to buy it. I'm going to tell all my neighbors and friends about this wonderful nontoxic product."

Thanks So Much!,

Eyelene Chait
Galloway, N.J.


"I was skeptical but now I'm a believer! After applying Mosquito Barrier just shy of two weeks ago, I can sit outside for hours worry-free. In fact, not only are the mosquitoes and gnats gone, but my husband, who usually gets 1-2 ticks on him each day, hasn't had a tick on him in over a week! WOW and thank you is all I can say. You have made a great contribution to our lives and our earth."


Nancy Mills
Sanford, North Carolina


"We have a small fish pond off our patio and every spring it was an annual blood letting to stay out side in the evening. We tried ever thing we could find, spray ons, rub ons, diet, smokers, even hanging garlic slices all over the patio, nothing worked until we found MOSQUITO BARRIER. After using Mosquito Barrier we finally won the battle of the patio. As an added bonus it made the lawn gnats and other flying bugs go away and gave us back our whole back yard to enjoy. It did not hurt the fish nor other pets in any way. One 32 oz. bottle lasted the whole year. A word of warning it seems to lose it potency when wintered over so don't try to "stock up" for next year."

Enoch & Nita Hickey
Pendleton, Oregon


"Unbearable Mosquito Infestation Gone, Gone, Gone.

I have a yard that is completely surrounded by bushes and trees. The mosquito problem has been so bad that I have had to use untold amounts of pesticide to try and keep the problem in check. I am extremely allergic to their bites plus I have beautiful outdoor enclosures for my 14 cats to enjoy only the mosquitoes plague them in the summer. I bought Mosquito Barrier last year and sprayed my cats enclosures, the bushes, trees, house gutters and lawn. It was a miracle. It took care of the problem almost immediately. I am so thankful to find a product that won't hurt my cats or the environment. I have plenty left for this years application. Great product. Can't live without it."

Thank You,

Candice K.
Sturgis, South Dakota


"Life on the Gulf Coast after a hurricane is no picnic. My parents live in Gulfport, MS, a city suffering tremendous damage after Hurricane Katrina. Fortunately, their home suffered little damage, though the living conditions in Gulfport have been atrocious for everyone that returned shortly after Katrina hit. It took days and days for the power to be restored, some areas still in the dark. The water still isn't safe.

Due to the tremendous heat, my parents spent most of each day and evening outside in their yard, where it was at least slightly cooler than the house. Making their presence in the house known to potential looters was a necessity, too, in those early days. For the first couple of days, the tropical depression winds lingered and made it almost manageable outside. Then the winds died down, the heat returned, the humidity crept back in, and with all of this came the mosquitos, once again.

My parents had treated their yard earlier in the summer with Mosquito Barrier and were thrilled with the results. Now, needing to spend so much time outside, they decided to treat the yard again. The mosquitoes were becoming unbearable. With so much threat of disease from the water, tetanus from the debris, and a myriad of other rumored problems spreading along the Coast, the last thing they needed to worry about was disease-carrying mosquitos. Additionally, they have three pug dogs that were now almost exclusively outside, and access to vets should they develop flea and tick problems was severely limited, if not entirely inaccessible.

Mosquito Barrier has become their outdoor savior. They treated the yard, and that was the end of the mosquito problem. Period. Their impromptu-outdoor living room was now safe to spend every evening in; one less thing in an impossibly long list of things to worry about in post-Katrina Gulfport, had been taken care of almost effortlessly. It may seem simple, but just having the mosquitos gone made their stress level plummet. This was so important, because not only were they having to deal with their own problems of recovery, but they were helping dozens of other families in the area to get basic supplies and support.

Finding help in the early days after Katrina was very difficult in Gulfport. My parents felt fortunate for having suffered so little, so they took it upon themselves to help others. On a daily basis, they had dozens of people in and out of their home, picking up supplies of food and water, sometimes even gas. As the day drew to a close, some would linger into the evening, visiting on my parents' front porch, happy to have found a relatively peaceful place to relax for a moment before they had to get home in order to not violate the city's curfew. It did not escape these visitors' attention that the ever-present irritation, if not danger, of mosquitos was oddly absent from this home. As that goes, my parents have become something of a neighborhood living advertisement for Mosquito Barrier. The Red Cross and FEMA should have been shipping in batches of Mosquito Barrier for these families, along with food and water.

I share this story with you because I want you to know what a difference your product has made to my family, and those that have sought them out for help, during this incredibly challenging time. The alleviation of just one problem was a relief beyond description. Thank you.

I write this from Mobile, AL, where I evacuated to with my husband and son from Long Beach, MS. We lost everything we owned, down to the slab, but have had the good fortune to escape the misery of the first weeks after Katrina on the Gulf Coast. I know what a little relief means in times like this. You have made a real impact to my family in a time when we could not be together and we thank you."


Megan Jordan
Gulfport, Mississippi


"I will forever be grateful for your product! My entire life I have been cursed with a type of skin that somehow smells like prime-rib to bugs! Not to mention the fact that when I do get bit, it swells to the size of a pancake and it stays itchy for about a week!

If it crawls/flies/stings or bites - it WILL find me. I have spent so much $$ on sprays, towelettes, rubs, pills, ointments, pesticides - well you get the picture...

I saw your product on the web and decided to try something new, as we had just moved into a new house with a lovely backyard (which I would not be able to use due to the inevitable bug bites I would get) in Texas. - LOTS of bugs here and they are BIG! - I even had all the screens replaced on the windows so I could be safe indoors at least!

Well, long story-short version: I ordered 2 small bottles from your site and applied them to the backyard (oh yeah, got 5 bites while applying the product) per the instructions and returned to the house to wait for the smell to dissipate. After about an hour I went to the backyard to put away the sprayer and my cat got out! Here I am chasing the poor thing around the yard for 20 minutes (I eventually got him back in the house) when I realized I had not yet been bitten by ANYTHING!

That evening I spent an hour on the patio enjoying my new backyard in peace. NO MORE BUGS! NO MORE BITES! I am now so used to being outdoors without being bitten/stung in my backyard, that when I go to a neighbor's house or even to the mailbox without using a lot of bugs spray I get bitten immediately. I am trying to get the whole neighborhood hooked on this stuff!"

Thank you so very much!

Elena F.
Katy, Texas


"I've been using Mosquito Barrier for three years now. This past summer was a very wet one in New Hampshire at the campground. I used Mosquito Barrier and the neighbors didn't. When I went to their site I (and they) were swatting constantly. When they came to my site it was mosquito free....totally. I told them what to do. Yes, I'm ordering more."

Bob K.
Medford, MA


"I tried Mosquito Barrier after my wife ordered on line. Didn't think it would work. Boy was I surprised. Sprayed the back yard a week or so before the 4th of July barbecue. No mosquitos, or very few, even with all the guests and food smells. I didn't realize how well it worked until my wife and I walked across the street to talk to some neighbors. Within minutes my wife and I were getting bit almost constantly. The mosquitos were everywhere and lots of them. We went back into our backyard....... NONE. Made me a believer. Thanks for a great product that really does what it claims."

William Myrick
Sacramento, CA


"Just wanted to let you know how very pleased I am with your product. I have weddings etc. outside and after spraying, NO MOSQUITOES in sight."

Gloria Lucas
Magee, MS


"Just got my order yesterday, 16 July 2014, used about a quart for the 1st application, I have a large yard, a little better than a 1/2 acre, surrounded with raspberry bushes and trees, and within 200 feet of a corn field. I live in southern Minnesota, right on the edge of the earth, the Minnesota / Iowa border. And it has been very wet this year, Mosquito heaven. Anyway, before using your product would get hit with 20 to 30 mosquito bites in 5 to 7 minutes in the day time, you don't dare go outside after dark. The only way to go outside was to dress for combat, heavy jacket, leather gloves, a mosquito head net, and bathe in Deep Woods Off. Put the Mosquito Barrier down last night, took about one and half hours, give or take, using a 1 gallon hand pump sprayer I think you called it a Hudson sprayer. Today, 17 July 2014, almost no bites! Playing around with the dog, rolling and sitting in the grass, near the bushes, and only 3 to 4 bits in an hour! I'm sold, I'm telling everyone I know. Thanks again."

Jim McHugo
Lyle, MN


"...this is about my 10th year or so of using your garlic spray. I have absolutely no mosquitoes. I do it a bit differently than you recommend. I buy some Sevin (a mild pesticide) at the hardware store, mix it in with the Mosquito Barrier and water and spray. This does the trick every time and lasts through about three good rains before I have to spray again. That's it. Love it."

Marvin Goldman
Providence, R.I.


"I have used this for a number of years. You see a lot of other things on the shelf, but there's nothing like this. I tout it to all the garden centers around and to my friends with mosquito problems. I want to thank you folks for making such a good quality product."

P.S. Getty
New Hope, PA


"I would like to say that your product works remarkably well! I live by a 'wetlands' (that is the term used by wildlife people) that is full of mosquitoes. Since I have sprayed the yard, bushes, and the bottom of the fence, I have not had any pests. This allows us to use the yard and patio area for the first time without spraying down with repellent. I would highly recommend this product to anyone with mosquito problems."

Thank you.

Brian R. Fulton
Williamstown, WV


""I want to thank you people from the bottom of my heart! Since we moved to this house in 2005, my family and I have never been able to use the back yard as much as we'd like because we'd be eaten alive by mosquitos. This is the second year that I have used your product, and I can tell you without question that THIS STUFF WORKS!!!

It is 8:15pm on May 30, 2009 as I write this. I just came in from a back yard picnic with my family, and not a single mosquito in sight! I spray it around the perimeter of my yard with a backpack sprayer, hitting the fence, shrubs, and lawn. In fact, while in my yard, I have not been bitten by a mosquito even one time since using your product.

I wish I could shout it from a tall building!! THANK YOU!!!"

Jeff Scharn
Tigard, OR


"Received my order today. The UPS truck and my kitchen smell of garlic - neighbors banging my door down for dinner."

Thank you.

Barb W.
Seaford, New York


"I wanted to let you know that I have been using Mosquito Barrier for two summers now and it is the most wonderful product on the market. There seems to be nothing that can control mosquitoes here in Florida but, your product actually WORKS. We have been able to enjoy the wonderful outdoors without being bothered by insect bites. I have told everyone about how great it is and we could never live without it now."

Thank you,

Sally P.
Tampa, Florida


"I just received my Mosquito Barrier - and am extremely pleased with the results. After these Midwest floods we had a bad infestation of mosquitos and gnats - so much so that we really could not use our yard - but with one spraying our yard is a friendly place we can relax in again."

Thank you!!!

P. Griffith
Fairfield, Iowa


"I ordered a quart of your Mosquito Repellent in the past, and I have to say WOW. I live in New York near a large Lake and have a lot of swamps around me. I could never sit out side in the past but with your product I am able to sit in my yard and enjoy. I have two questions. First I need to buy more of the repellent and my neighbor wants some too, if I buy the 4 gallons to get the discount is there a shelf life for this repellent? I may keep it around for 5 years. Second, if I were to buy more than 4 gallons is there any bigger discounts?"

Thank you,

Dan Nicolini
Police Officer
Cicero, New York


"Early this summer (2002) I bought 4 gallons of your garlic and a commercial type sprayer that I tow with my lawn tractor. I have six acres that were loaded with mosquitoes. I sprayed a little over a quart about 10 weeks ago and haven't seen a mosquito since. At this rate I think I must have purchased about a four year supply of garlic. My question is "will it stay good that long"?"

(Editors Note: This is very unusual to use so little for such a large area and have it that effective, we recommend using 25 ounces of Mosquito Barrier per acre.)

Dave Halfhill
Orlando, Florida


"Thank you. I am in love with this stuff. My kids can play in the yard now. Heaven."

Stacy Carpenter
Nashville, Tennessee


"Thank you so much for your help and information. I have been to Pets in the City and purchased the last 2 bottles of Mosquito Barrier they had. I have already sprayed my entire yard. So far it has been working great I have not had a mosquito bite from in the yard since and it is day 2. I do plan to write a review for the product but I did want to directly let you know that I already love the product. You can forward my email to whom ever would be the person to receive such comments. Thanks again for your quick and helpful response. Continued Success to you and your company."

AJ Johnson Zurvita
Florissant, Missouri


"We get so much use out of our back yard now thanks to your product!!! We were always plagued by mosquitoes in years past but not this year. The best part is that it is natural! We have a two year old and a dog and I didn't want anything with toxic chemicals being sprayed where they play. We will definitely be reordering soon!!!"

Thank You,

Servio Dimichino
Abington, Pennsylvania


"Thank you for this product. We live in Illinois and since spraying our yard with it, we have noticed a considerable reduction in the number of mosquitos. I can now go out with my dogs without being surrounded by a cloud of mosquitos."


Ms. Marshall


"My family and I live on an acre of lake front property...creating the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. We have lived here for over eight years and have tried everything to combat these pest insects without success - until we used your garlic extract product. It is truly incredible. Where we once were swarmed by mosquitoes at sunset we can now remain on our beach and enjoy the evening with our family. (I believe it has also discouraged the Canada geese that used to descend on our property and leave behind signs of their visit). Thank you."

Penni J. Labute
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan


"...Last year we had a major mosquito problem and sprayed our lawn, shrubs, trees and got rid of the mosquitoes and did it again this year. We sprayed around a 400 unit apartment complex which back up to our property and received over 70 phone calls from the tenants thanking us for this. They are now able to go out in their yard without the problem of mosquitoes."

Mildred Jefferies
Balch Springs, Texas


"Great Stuff, every Italian guy from Bangor to Portland are now in my yard: BUT no mosquitos! Seriously, it actually does not smell, and there are no mosquitos."

Thank you.

Peter Frati
Brunswick, ME


"Over two years ago I was looking for an all natural safe method for ridding my yard of mosquitoes; I enjoy gardening and spending time outside but all the buggers were driving me insane. While surfing the net looking for a miracle, I came across Mosquito Barrier. I was a little skeptical, given it is just garlic, so I ordered one small bottle and tried it out. Ever since, I have been impressed with the results this super garlic has provided. Not only have I virtually eliminated the mosquitoes in my back yard, I have also controlled the flea and fly population as well. I use it about every three weeks in the warm weather. Now my family and my pets can enjoy all of our outside time. Try it, use it generously and you will not be disappointed."

G. Chojnacki
Southern New Jersey


"Last year, in the early spring, I was telling my Dad, who owns and operates a small golf course in Pennsylvania, about the mosquito problem I have to deal with here at my new home in New York. Dad told me about this garlic product of yours that is used on golf courses for mosquitoes. I called your company and ordered a gallon to try. I sprayed everything using a garden hose sprayer. I sprayed it around the middle of July and did not feel the need to re-spray the garlic before the end of Summer. It's nice to have such an effective product that is so safe..."

Patricia A. Wright
Youngstown, New York


"The package arrived and I'm looking forward to using it again. Have had much success keeping the "little critters" at bay during the day. I've told my neighbors about your product and hope they too will order.. it really works!

Much thanks again,"

Charles Miller
Yeadon, Pennsylvania


"Howdy from North Carolina, Let me begin by thanking you for your wonderful product. With so many advertisers promising everything and delivering basically nothing, I am sure you can understand why one would be skeptical about a product which says it will form a mosquito "barrier" for a very small cost. We are 100% satisfied after using Mosquito Barrier for the first time in a very mosquito infested, rural, swampy environment. As soon as y'all open on Monday, July 7th, we will place our order for 1 gallon. Thank you, thank you thank you!"

Robert & Trish Brantley
Shannon, North Carolina


"I can't thank you enough for giving me back my yard!! Last year the mosquitos drove us back into the house every evening, just when we were ready to enjoy the deck and pool area. One application of Mosquito Barrier and no more mosquitos!! We have had a few very heavy rains in the past two weeks since application and still no mosquitos!! I will recommend this product to anyone who will listen!! Thank you again!!"

Knoxville, Tennessee


"I am so glad we tried your product! We had an outdoor party last night. This summer has been unusually rainy and the mosquitos are ferocious. We live on the edge of a wooded area and I usually get eaten alive. We sprayed with Mosquito Barrier as directed, and also the night before our party. Amazing! No mosquitos! Thank you for a great alternative to toxic pesticides. Why isn't the world using your earth friendly product?"

J. Hastay
East Hampton, New York


"We have been customers for a few years and since it works so well we should thank you."


Daniel Freymeyer
Stevensville, Maryland


"We are a repeat customer. Your product DID work in our 1/2 acre backyard down by the Jersey Shore!"


Karen Goeller
Tom's River, New Jersey



First of all, I have used Mosquito Barrier for about 5 years and I love it. I have not found anything that works better without using tons of chemicals. I would like to purchase Mosquito Barrier locally if I could and was wondering if there was a local retailer in my area. I live near Grand Rapids Mi.

Thank You for your time."

Ryan Beyer
Grand Rapids, Michigan


"Thanks so much - we loved using Mosquito Barrier for the first time last year; you guys are the best."

M. L.
Bristol, Indiana


Fire Ant Testimonial

"Thank You!

I had 5 or 6 mounds of fire ants in my yard. And now they are gone! Your product worked great. Now my kids can play in the yard again. (Although the neighbors did ask if we were opening an Italian restaurant...)"

Dave W
Huntersville, NC


Fire Ant Testimonial

"First off I wanted to say thank you. I've been battling fire ants at my home for six years now, with little effect. I've tried everything and nothing worked. I swear I could hear them laughing. At first I was somewhat, no.... very skeptical about your product. But no longer! I had around seven large mounds through out my yard and within 48 hours the ants are gone. I had to apply twice, but they're gone. All of them. Again, thank you and my family thanks you."

Daniel Zimmer
McKinney, TX


Tick Testimonial

"Just wanted to write you a little note letting you know how wonderful your product, Mosquito Barrier has been working for us. In May we had a problem with ticks. My 3 year old daughter woke up with a tick on her head that was already implanted into her scalp. Then about one week later I had a tick. Then the final straw was my daughter woke up again and had three ticks, two on one ear and one in the other ear. That morning I got on the Internet and found your site. We got the Mosquito Barrier for the tick problem we were having. We sprayed four weeks ago, and have had no signs of any ticks. Now we aren't so much afraid to send her out side to play. Not only has it improved our tick problem it has helped the mosquito problem also. We have a lot of foliage and the mosquitos are so bad even in the day time, that last year my daughter couldn't even go outside in the day time for fear of the West Nile Virus. Now we are able to be outside with both our children anytime without the mosquitos eating them or us alive. With having young children you aren't suppose to use any repellent that contains deet. Of course I have both sets of grandparents having a fit every time the kids went outside to play for fear of them getting bite by a tick or mosquito. Nothing else has worked up until we have used Mosquito Barrier. I highly recommend this to anyone with a tick or mosquito problem. We will keep using it and have recommended it to several people. Once again, thank you for your product and letting us enjoy our summer without the added fear of diseases."

God Bless You,

Lisa Pringle
Kalamazoo, MI


Tick Testimonial

"I really like your product. It also keeps ticks out of my yard. They are bad this year.

Enclosed 51.95 for 2 quarts Mosquito Barrier garlic - includes shipping.


See actual letter here.

Gail Korman
Baldwin, MI


Flea and Tick Testimonial

"I bought Mosquito Barrier last year and I just wanted to tell you how much I like the product. As a dog breeder I am very concerned about using chemicals on my lawn to control fleas, ticks, and mosquitos. I live in a heavily wooded area and I did not see one flea or tick on my dogs the entire summer. Then along came West Nile Virus and two people in our area come down with it and I felt such relief that I had sprayed for fleas and ticks and got the extra bonus of treating the mosquito population. I have recommended it to breeders, dog owners, and people with children because it is natural and completely safe.

Keep spreading the word...I know I will."

Sandy Leon
Ortonville, MI


Flea and Tick Testimonial

"A friend of mine is a dog breeder in Puerto Rico and lives right next to the jungle. For years she had serious tick infestations and had to use Frontline for her dogs constantly. This past year she started spraying a garlic spray called Mosquito Barrier in her yard once a month and the problem ended immediately. She has not even had to put a single dose of Frontline on her dogs since she started. She didn't mention mosquitos, but garlic spray certainly worked for her when it came to fleas and ticks. With summer right around the corner, I am planning on buying some for my land today."

Anonymous Contributor


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