Anti-Mosquito Spray Proven Effective

June 2005 San Marino Tribune, San Marino, CA

GLENDALE - Mosquitos and ticks cause misery during the hot months, through spreading disease or just being "pesty". Many parks, recreation areas, athletic fields, school districts and golf courses use a powerful, non-poisonous solution to repel mosquitos, and now this amazing remedy has become available to the public.

The Mosquito Barrier repels insects without using chemicals.

Scientifically proven to drive away mosquitos and ticks, Mosquito Barrier uses a special garlic solution that mosquitos can't withstand.

The smell of the spray, although not detectable by humans after a very short time, causes the mosquitos to leave the area, while also killing all mosquito larvae that could quickly become hundreds of baby mosquitos.

By applying Mosquito Barrier to gardens, shrubs, flowers, grass and standing water, anyone can significantly decrease the mosquito population in their yard without exposing their family to harmful chemicals.

For years, farmers and gardeners have used garlic to repel pesty insects. Garlic, a natural repellent for mosquitos and tick, is the powerful ingredient that makes Mosquito Barrier so effective. The odor drives away mosquitos, but is not detectable by humans after the first few minutes of application. Mosquitos will say away for as long as they can detect the odor.

The positive reviews are already coming in. Jeff Ritz, Mosquito Control Officer of the City of Stratford, Connecticut, said, "I was shocked at its effectiveness."

Cook-outs, family picnics, reunion and other outdoor activities no longer have to be miserable because of mosquito bites. Children can play peaceably in the yard without worry of ticks and mosquitos.

Working in the garden, cutting grass and swimming can now be enjoyed during long, hot months.

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