Garlic Spray: a natural way to a mosquito-free zone

5/19/2008 DIY Life

By Debra McDuffee

Nothing ruins a cool summer evening like mosquitoes. Unless you're a bat, you take cover at the appearance of the annoying, buzzing villains.

Here at DIY Life, we've written a lot about how to banish mosquitoes. Tips like reducing standing water, not wasting your money on the Mosquito Magnet, eliminating mosquito hiding places, and wearing light-colored clothing have all been mentioned before.

This season, the mosquitoes arrived with a vengeance at my house, and even applying all of the tips didn't help the mosquitoes stay away. But something finally did....

We are thrilled with the results of trying Mosquito Barrier, an all-natural garlic oil spray. We haven't been bothered by mosquitoes since we did our first application, over a week ago now. Some other pluses:

• It's easy to apply: just mix with water and spray onto your lawn every 3-4 weeks.
• With only one gallon needed for the entire season (even less for most yards), it is very affordable at US$85.00 per gallon; check eBay for even better deals.
• It won't harm the environment, or my kid, dog, or other wild animals that frequent my yard.
• In addition to mosquitoes, the black flies have made themselves scarce.
• We also haven't found a tick on the dog since we sprayed, and that is a small miracle in itself.

Does a mosquito-free zone sound appealing? We have celebrated our decision to get the Mosquito Barrier; it may work just as well for you.