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The female Amblyomma americanum tick.

"We sprayed four weeks ago, and have had no signs of any ticks. Not only has it improved our
tick problem it has helped the mosquito problem also. I highly recommend this to anyone
with a tick or mosquito problem."
L. P. Kalamazoo, MI


Keep Ticks Out of Your Yard for Up to a Month and Longer With Our Proven-Effective Garlic Spray

Mosquito Barrier works just as well on ticks as it does on Mosquitoes. Read the proof:


Scientific proof that our all garlic Mosquito Barrier works on Ticks:

Mosquito Barrier suppressed tick activity for 4 weeks

Article from May/June 2011 issue of Integrated Pest Management publication.


Studies on tick repellents conducted by: Anuja Bharadwaj at Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station in New Haven, CT.

"I just put a couple ounces of this garlic in my garden sprayer, put in a little
water and spray it on my yard and WOOFFFF no more ticks. That's it."
William Vuicic, St. Louis, MO

"...I did not see one flea or tick on my dogs the entire summer."
Sandy Leon, Ortonville, MI

"We sprayed four weeks ago, and have had no signs of any ticks. Not only has it improved our
tick problem it has helped the mosquito problem also. I highly recommend this to anyone
with a tick or mosquito problem."
L. P. Kalamazoo, MI

"We sprayed our park and it worked!"
Ron Holt, City Administrator, Marlow, OK

"Thank you! I LOVE this stuff! Our house backs up to the woods and we
had a huge tick problem - it was gone with the first application."
Dana Beckman, Hermitage, TN

Ticks have 8 legs, but they're not spiders, they are specie of mites. It has been estimated there are about 500,000 varieties of mites in the world. They exist just about anywhere - even at the South Pole or at the bottom of the ocean. Ticks are about the biggest of the mite specie.

They feed on dander (dead skin), plants, plant juices and dead animals. The female doesn't need a male to reproduce in most species - she lays thousands of eggs in moss, grass, on plants in wood piles and on rotted tree debris.

Both male and female ticks will attack mammals, frogs, snakes, deer, dogs, raccoons and people. They will jump on you if you sit near them or if you walk by tall plants or high grass. They go for soft spots, such as around the tummy, scalp and legs. They administer a small dose of natural anesthetic so you don't feel them biting. As they bite, they suck blood from your body - their size can increase up to 5 fold during feeding. When they're full of blood they will drop off. In the case of the female tick, she uses your blood to feed and nourish her eggs.

You can spray poisons in your yard but more ticks will find their way into your yard. You can spray poison again but more ticks will find their way into your yard. This cycle keeps repeating itself.

Ticks do not like garlic - that's why you won't find any in a garlic field. They cannot tolerate garlic. The natural sulfurs in the garlic disturb them and they stay away from garlic plants.

Our product, Mosquito Barrier could have been named Tick Barrier because it can effectively get rid of ticks in your yard. Mosquito Barrier is an ideal natural tick spray for outdoor, grassy areas. The garlic in this natural tick repellent will get into the tick's system and will kill them (as it does in the case of young ticks) or it will make life so miserable for them that they leave the area altogether. Just to make sure you get them all, we recommend you spray your yard again a week after the first application. Thereafter, you can spray every 3 weeks during tick season.

None of this does any good if you don't keep your grass short and keep tall weeds out of your yard this is a very important part of effective tick control. If you have pets you must have a fence or your pets will go outside the sprayed area and bring ticks in when they return. Those new ticks will then lay eggs and in a short while you will be infested again. With Mosquito Barrier, ticks will stay away from your house and property for the whole summer, and you only need to spray once every 3 to 4 weeks.

The New York Times reports new health concerns about ticks. Read more here.

Additional information about the devastating infection risks associated with ticks can be found here.



You need to spray grass and shrubs, under any porches and on any wood pile. In fact, it's best to take your present wood pile apart and re-stack it in an areas that has been sprayed. Be sure to clean the old area where the wood pile was previously stacked.

A typical formula for a 2 gallon canister sprayer is to mix 6 ounces of Mosquito Barrier into 2 gallons of water.



A great number of farmers and ranchers have for a long time been spraying a 5% solution (6 ounces of our Mosquito Barrier into 1 gallon of water) of our product onto the legs and body (including tail) of their animals to keep ticks and fleas off and it reportedly does a marvelous job. They mix our Mosquito Barrier into a garden sprayer which has a reservoir of 2 to 4 gallons and spray it on their animals. Lasts from 3 to 4 weeks, sometimes longer.


Quart-sized bottle of Mosquito Barrier

$29.95 per Quart
(plus $5.95 UPS Ground S&H)

Each quart covers 1.25 acres, which is usually enough for a couple applications on smaller residential properties. 99.3% pure garlic extract.

Twin-pack of Mosquito Barrier

$53.95 per Twin-Pak
(2 one quart bottles)
(plus $6.95 UPS Ground S&H)

Twin-paks last most city residences all season. 99.3% pure garlic extract.

Gallon bottle of Mosquito Barrier

$84.95 per Gallon
(price includes S&H)

Gallon sizes are best for homes on a half acre for the entire season. One gallon covers 5 acres.

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