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How to Get Rid of Gnats: The Mosquito Barrier Guide

Gnats are often times called fruit flies or vinegar flies. Regardless of what you call them, gnats are a down-right annoying insect that always seems to appear by the thousands every summer. You will most commonly see male gnats in swarms known as "ghosts" or "clouds" right around sundown, and it can be quite a nuisance to have a few of these ghosts hovering around your back yard during a barbecue or, even worse, inside your home.

If you want to know how to get rid of gnats, then you are going to have to understand how they are born and what exactly brings them about. With most gnats, especially fungus gnats, moisture is required in order for them to come about at all, and their larvae are often times born in the stagnant water. Sometimes the source of moisture is something simple to fix like a clogged drain or an old bucket in the backyard that has collected some rainwater, but often times it is something much harder to find like an over-watered patch of grass or slight leak underneath your home.

It is important to find and eliminate any and all standing water around your house, but it only takes a dozen or so female gnats to produce thousands of additional eggs in the time that it would take you to patrol the area for damp ground and leaky pipes. Using the Mosquito Barrier product, you simply have to spray the dirt and grass directly underneath the gnat clouds to kill all of their eggs. This is usually a 10 foot area of grass, and you probably don't need to spray your entire lawn if your only concern is gnats, although a regular spraying of your property as per our instructions can also keep mosquitoes, fleas and ticks out all summer long.

When using Mosquito Barrier outdoors, it is important that you wait until the ground is dry before spraying. Avoid watering grass for 48 hours after application, and reapply in 2-4 weeks when you start to notice a few gnats flying around again.

Adding one ounce of Mosquito Barrier to each quart of water you use to water your indoor plants is a very effective way to get rid of any indoor gnat problems you might have, and a Windex-style sprayer filled with Mosquito Barrier and water can be used to coat the top layer of potting soil.

If you are tired of those seemingly pointless gnats surrounding your house all day, or if you can't seem to stop them from hovering over your indoor house plants, visit our order page now to learn more about the different sizes of Mosquito Barrier available and have a bottle (or jug) sent to you with our 30 day guarantee.